Changemakers Programme

About CreditEnable’s Changemakers Programme

CreditEnable’s Changemakers Programme is designed to help creditworthy SMEs in India access more affordable finance.

Launched in conjunction with the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), the world’s largest SME association representing 70 million SMEs, the programme aims to help 30 million of CAIT’s members enter the formal debt market where they can significantly reduce the cost of debt.

Reaching 30 million SMEs in a timely and meaningful way would normally be a huge challenge. This is why CreditEnable has appointed Ambassadors to the programme to help spread the word and get the community engaged. Drawn from the CAIT community itself, the Changemakers Ambassadors are role model SME business owners who have been through the whole cycle of struggling to navigate the lending process through to becoming successful borrowers. All are dedicated to helping their peers access affordable finance. The Changemakers Ambassadors will work with CreditEnable to co-create digital tools and education programmes that help their fellow SMEs to recognise their credit positions, better understand and fulfil lenders’ requirements and successfully navigate the process of getting an affordable loan.

Scroll down to read more about six of the incredible men and women we’ve appointed as Ambassadors of CreditEnable’s Changemakers Programme.


Mr. BC Bhartia

It is imperative that small businesses and traders move away from a reliance on informal lending where a high cost of capital creates serious impediments to growth, job creation and overall economic stability.

Role: BC. Bhartia, National President of CAIT, First generation member of the founding family of Bhartia Group of Enterprises.

Location: Nagpur, Maharashtra - India

About: Mr. BC Bhartia is the National President of CAIT. He is a Chartered Accountant, Industrialist and Capital Markets Professional in Maharashtra, and leads the CAIT Research and Trade Development Society. He also manages Bhartia Group of Enterprises in Nagpur, which is a fast-growing import, export, manufacturing and trading house in central India. Mr. Bhartia is passionate about educating SMEs to help them improve their business practices, incorporate digital tools and technology into their business operations and improve their performance.

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Mr. Praveen Khandelwal

The Partnership between CAIT and CreditEnable is dedicated to opening up more affordable avenues of credit at scale for these businesses. The Changemakers programme galvanises key leaders from within the CAIT community to accelerate this important work. We are delighted to be launching the programme today.

Role: National Secretary General of CAIT and CEO of Fairdeal Group.

Location: New Delhi - India

About: Mr. Praveen Khandelwal is the National Secretary General of CAIT as well as the CEO of his family owned business, Fairdeal Group, an SME which is established in builder’s hardware industry catering to the requirements of leading interior decoration houses, real estate developers and architects in India. As a founding member of CAIT, Mr. Khandelwal is passionate about ensuring that all the members within the CAIT community are financially literate and empowered with the relevant tools (digital, financial and technical) to remain competitive and profitable.

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Mrs. Kajal Anand

Role: National Vice President of CAIT and Co-Founder of Debon Herbal, a cosmetic manufacturing business.

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra - India

About: Mrs. Anand is Vice President of CAIT, Vice Chairperson - All India Manufacturers’ Organization (AIMO) and Co-Founder of a cosmetic manufacturing SME called Debon Herbal Pvt Ltd, which she established with her husband in 1995. The company manufactures a range of cosmetic, nutraceutical and dermatological products which are sold online and offline, both locally and globally. As an entrepreneur who has built a business from start-up stage through to growth and expansion into the international export market, Mrs. Anand has direct experience of the difficulties small businesses have in securing finance especially in their inception and of the financing challenges small businesses face as they grow and try to expand.

Click here to read an interview with Mrs. Anand in which she talks about her business, the difficulties SMEs face in accessing finance and why she is a CreditEnable Changemakers Ambassador.


Mr. Rabi Shankar Roy

Role: Secretary General West Bengal CAIT.

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal - India

About: Mr. Roy is the Secretary General of the West Bengal chapter and also overlooks CAIT activities in Assam, Sikkim and a few parts of Orissa as well. He is also an established businessman who owns two companies in Kolkata, one in the FMCG sector called Sunshine Pvt Ltd and another in the construction sector called Indira Enterprise. Mr. Roy is a dynamic entrepreneur who wants to further expand into other business segments. Being a small business owner, Mr. Roy understands how hard it is for businesses to secure affordable finance. He is passionate about sharing his experience and helping SMEs to secure affordable debt.

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Dr. P.M Ganeshraam

Role: Regional Convenor South India CAIT.

Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu - India

About: Dr. Ganeshraam is the Founder & State President of Tamil Nadu Consumer Products Distributors Association and owns an FMCG redistribution business called Sri Ganesh Trading Agency which was incorporated in 1984. He is keen to start two new ventures of his own, a food shop and an on-demand food delivery business, both located in Chennai. After 35 years of working in the FMCG space, Dr. Ganeshraam has developed an understanding of the new digital revolution and how imperative it is to run a business online. He is a prime example of an entrepreneur who has achieved success in running an offline business and is now applying his domain expertise in the upcoming digital space.

Click here to read an interview with Dr. Ganeshraam in which he shares his insight about how important it is to maintain a robust record of legal, financial and all other process documentation in order to secure affordable finance, why going digital is important and why he’s a CreditEnable Changemakers Ambassador.


Mr. Manohar Wagle

Role: Small Business Owner, CAIT Member, Vice President of the Federation of all India Sports and Fitness Dealers Association and Head of the Maharashtra Sports and Fitness Trade Association.

Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra - India

About: Mr. Wagle owns a sports business in Mumbai called Wagle Sports. Established in 1865, Wagle sports has been in Mr. Wagle’s family for four generations. Mr. Wagle’s son has recently joined the business.  Along with his active role in CAIT, he is a motivated entrepreneur who is continually exploring ways to expand his business and be innovative while focussing on digitisation.

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