Mental Health Awareness for Entrepreneur: When to Connect and Disconnect

Mental Health

Taking care of the health of your loved ones and your business is important right now. But you also cannot forget to take care of your physical and mental health.

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably worrying about the lockdown, your monthly payments like employee salaries, overheads and inventory, and trying to continue working remotely when possible. In addition to your work responsibilities, since we’re all spending more time at home, your responsibilities around the house have probably also gone up.

If you work in the logistics, pharmaceutical, medical, FMCG or F&B sectors, you’re also worried about the constantly changing mobility restrictions, getting government passes for your employees, fulfilling your orders on time, and the added expense of sanitation costs to disinfect your business premises regularly.

These and so many more things require your attention right now, and with so much going on, it’s probably really hard for you to switch off. Our team at CreditEnable has been working hard to ensure SMEs like you get the business loans you need to continue working during the lockdown, and we know our team has been under a lot of pressure since this lockdown started. We know you are also under a lot of pressure right now. So, here are some simple tricks to help you disconnect and prioritize your mental health every few days.

Connect: Share Your Problems with Your Support System

No matter what time of day, a cup of good chai with a plate of hot, fresh pakodas or samosas just makes everything better! Add rain to the mix, and you’re in heaven! Discussing a problem over chai with your family and colleagues will bring you closer and also help relieve the pressure on you.

Yes, this is a stressful time, and yes, you are the business owner, but you are not alone, and you do not have to bear this burden all on your own. At a time like now, our support system has become very important to help us brainstorm problems, find solutions, and overcome stress.

Disconnect: Take a Break from Technology

We live on our cell phones now. It wakes us up, keeps us constantly connected to our colleagues and loves ones, gives us live news updates, manages our day, and provides us with entertainment. The same can be said for our laptops and desktop computers.

This constant connection can become addictive and makes it hard for our minds to calm down. It results in the need to check our phones every 5-10 minutes, distracting us from things around us, and making it hard for us to concentrate 100% on any one task we’re doing.

Give yourself a break. Turn off your computer. Put your phone on Silent (without vibrate) and try to enjoy the peace for a bit. This will help you concentrate on the task at hand 100%, and after a while, you’ll notice even your posture starts to become less tense because you’re not constantly on the lookout for the next WhatsApp message or news notification with more distressing news.

Disconnect: Take a Nap

We know this sounds cliched, but a nap in the middle of the day, usually after a meal, is a great way to increase your concentration and productivity! The residents of Goa and Kolkata already know that! Afternoon naps are an integral part of life in the two cities.

Since most of us are already working from home right now, this is your perfect opportunity to start this afternoon ritual. Now we’re not talking a 2-hour nap. A short, 30–45-minute nap will do just fine. It’ll rejuvenate you, help stretch out your body, and help you return to work more energized!

Connect: Seek Professional Help

We know mental health is a difficult topic to discuss with people close to us sometimes. Since we’re constantly connected to the news, and the only news that seems to be coming out of India right now is only related to COVID-19 and lockdowns, this can be quite distressing for many. If you are feeling stressed or depressed right now, it is ok to ask for help. There are many counsellors who are conducting sessions online right now, so consider reaching out to one. Here is one such organisation.

If you’re a member of a business owners association, chances are you are not the only entrepreneur feeling this way. Reach out to the other members and see if anyone is interested in starting a digital support group. You and the other members can share your stressors, find solutions together, and support each other through this tough time. Who knows, you may even be able to develop some good business contacts through this!  

This is a tough time, but as we said – you are not alone. CreditEnable is here to make sure you get the financial support you need to ride out the pandemic. Just tell us what type of financing your business needs, and we deliver. Free of cost.

You focus on yourself and your loved ones. Maintain good physical and mental health so that you come out the pandemic stronger and in better health than before!

In our next post on mental health, we’ll talk about ways to distract your mind, so that you can take a break from work and the current events and be at peace!

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