Daily Tip: File Your GST Return Forms On Time!


With the government issuing new notices weekly to accommodate for the disruptions caused by COVID-19, it is easy to forget to file your regular GST Return (GSTR) forms. So, here is a reminder to file your GSTR forms this month!

Depending on the type of business you own, or the type of GST payment schedule you follow, your monthly and quarterly GSTR filings are due this month!

Quick review:

  1. July 11 – GSTR-1 (monthly) for June
  2. July 13 – GSTR-1 (April – June 2021) for QRMP
  3. July 20 – GSTR 3B (monthly) for June
  4. July 22 – GSTR 3B (April – June 2021) for South India
  5. July 24 – GSTR 3B (April – June 2021) for North India
  6. July 25 – GST Challan Payment if no sufficient Input Tax Credit (ITC) for June (for all Quarterly Filers)

Visit https://bit.ly/3AspZGV for a full list of tax due dates this month.

Following tax regulations and paying your tax dues on time is one of the easiest ways to avoid penalties, save money, and show lenders you run your business responsibly!

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