Daily Tip: Use technology to grow your business faster


The pandemic has led to many changes in our personal and professional lives. However, by introducing technology in your business operations, you can continue working remotely from anywhere, work more efficiently, and also grow your customer base!

Some things you can do to grow your business using technology:

1. Sell on an e-commerce platform like Flipkart or Amazon so that you can reach new customers no matter where they are in India, while also maintaining a healthy cash inflow.
2. Use tech-enabled delivery platforms that will help you allocate resources more efficiently and fulfil orders faster.
3. Digitize your billing and finance systems so that your customers can get automatic reminders when invoices are due, and they can pay you using any UPI wallet.
4. Use social media to track trends in the market that you can then use to inform what inventory you stock to sell that quarter.

Learn more about you can use technology to grow your business even during lockdown!

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