Daily Tip: Submitting your loan documents online speeds up the underwriting process


As a technology platform that is 100% digital, CreditEnable always asks our SME customers to submit their loan applications and supporting documents online. This speeds up the loan assessment process and makes it easier for our lender partners to verify your information.

But some of our customers prefer to handle loan applications offline because this is an important step in their business growth, and they’re not quite sure they can trust the technology just yet. We understand that. So here are some benefits to submitting your documents online:

  1. Digital documents make information verification easier and faster, which allows lenders to complete the application assessment quicker. This will get you your business loan in record time.
  2. Digital documents make information storage easier and more secure. At CreditEnable, we comply with all data protection regulations in India. In addition to that, our technology is also compliant with the European Unions’ General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is the gold standard in data protection laws, globally. Read our Privacy Policy for more information.
  3. It reduces the need for in-person interactions during a pandemic. We want to ensure your health and safety, which is why we would never ask you to engage with people who are not familiar with you
  4. It’s eco-friendly!

Visit our blog to learn other benefits of submitting your loan documents online. 

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