What collateral can I put up for a Loan Against Property?

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Loans Against Properties are some of the most common forms of borrowing in India.

To get a LAP, you provide your lender with a copy of your property papers as collateral, and they give you a loan in return. LAPs are a form of secured business loan that can get you a higher loan amount for a longer loan tenure, as your collateral provides the lender with some assurance that you can pay the loan EMIs.

What collateral should I offer the lender for a LAP?

When you need a loan against property, you can offer the lender the following as collateral:

  1. Residential properties that you either live in yourself or have rented out
  2. Commercial properties that are self-occupied or rented out
  3. Residential plots without construction.
  4. Industrial properties

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What are the different types of Loans Against Property available?

  1. Loan Against Residential or Commercial Property: When you pledge a residential or commercial property as collateral for the loan.
  2. Loan Against Balance Transfer: If you have a pre-existing LAP with another lender, you can transfer the outstanding principal amount to another lender who may offer you better loan terms.
  3. Loan Against Property Top-Up: If your existing loan amount is not enough to cover your needs, you can request a top-up on top of your existing balance.
  4. Loan Against Property Overdraft: In this type of LAP, you get an overdraft line of credit with a specified upper limit. You withdraw what you need within the overdraft limit, and interest is charged only on the amount used.

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What property papers will I need to give the lender to mortgage one of my properties?

  1. Past Sale Deed
  2. Registered Sale Deed/ Conveyance/ Lease Deed

How do I know if my property value will be enough to cover my loan requirements?

Lenders will calculate your LAP amount as a percentage of the current market value of the property pledged. Depending on the property you offer and your financial history, you may be able to get up to 70% of the total value of the property.

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