Daily Tip: Register your business to get small business financing easily

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Did you know your business registration is how lenders determine how old your business is? Also known as Business Vintage, how long an SME has been operational and registered is crucial when getting small business financing from a formal lender. 

A business registration makes it easier for lenders to verify and validate the information mentioned on your application, and it also helps them assess your creditworthiness. If your business has been operational for over two years, lenders consider it a positive sign, indicating that your business plan is sound and your prospects are strong. 

Registering your business is also the final step to protecting the business idea and plan you put so much hard work into researching and developing! 

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If you’re a registered small business that has been operational for 2 years or more, CreditEnable can help you get the financing you need to grow in days!

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