Daily Tip: Apply for small business funding now, before festival season!

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Festival season in India has arrived! The next two months are going to be a celebration of family, traditions, and delicious food! It is also the time when people tend to buy new things for their homes and businesses to mark a new beginning, and to welcome prosperity into their lives.

So, now is the perfect time for you to apply for small business funding before the festival season crunch time! 

Why apply for the small business funding now when the big celebrations are still weeks away? Starting now gives you enough time to do the following:

  1. Review your sales from last year to see what inventory you need to get.
  2. Prepare your business loan application.
  3. Thoroughly check you have all your paperwork in order and all your documents ready.
  4. If any document or permit is expired, apply with the respective government department to renew any expired permit.
  5. And finally, applying now gives the lender enough time to assess your small business funding application to disburse your loan before the festivals!

Learn more about why you should apply for a small business loan now. 

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