Why should I apply for small business funding with CreditEnable?


You’re ready to apply for small business funding? Congratulations! Applying for formal funding with a lender is a big step for an SME, so we understand your hesitation. Let’s talk about why CreditEnable is the right partner to help you get the small business funding you need.

1. CreditEnable partners with leading lenders in India

We’ve eliminated the need for you to shop around and compare business loan products. We partner with over 25 lenders in India, who offer 100+ specialized SMEs loan products on our technology platform. When you apply for business funding with CreditEnable, our algorithms use the business and financial information you provided to assess your needs and match you with the business loan product that’s right for you. No stress! 

2. Just 1 application, 2 minutes and 3 steps! 

By filling one short survey, which only takes two minutes to do, you can compare your small business funding requirements with over 100 SME loan products! No need to spend your time and energy applying separately with multiple lenders, only to be rejected multiple times because you may not meet their eligibility criteria.

Our process is simple.

Step 1: Tell us about your business by filling up our short survey.
Step 2: Check whether you’re eligible for small business funding with one of our lenders.
Step 3: Send us your KYC and business documents so we can match you with the right loan product and lender.

That’s it! We do the rest for you! 

3. Check your business loan eligibility for free with CreditEnable

Businesses often get declined for small business funding because they may not meet the loan eligibility criteria. It’s ok, that happens. But when you apply for small business funding with a formal lender, they check your credit report. When a lender does a credit check, it is known as a hard enquiry, and these enquiries get recorded to your credit report. 

What is a hard enquiry?

If the lender rejects your small business funding application after checking your credit report, it gets recorded on your credit report. So, the next lender you apply with will see this loan enquiry and rejection on your credit report and wonder why the lender rejected you, reducing your chances of getting the business loan from this lender as well. This becomes a vicious cycle, making it difficult for you to get the small business funding you need and negatively impacting your credit score!

Don’t worry! CreditEnable is here to save the day and your credit score! When you apply for small business funding with us, we check your loan eligibility first to see if your credit score and financial history meet our lender partner requirements before submitting your loan application to them. We only send a lender partner the SMEs that they are most likely to approve. 

4. Applying for business funding with CreditEnable has zero impact on your credit score

To check whether you will be eligible for small business funding, we do a soft pull of your Experian credit score, which has NO impact on your credit score and does not get recorded on your credit report. 

So, if you don’t qualify for small business funding with our lender partners right now, we’ll tell you up-front, saving you the hassle of going through the entire loan process only to get rejected! 

What is a soft pull of my credit score?

If you’re not eligible right now, we’ll also tell you why and what you can do to correct the problem so that you successfully get the business funding you need in the future. 

5. CreditEnable’s service is 100% Digital and free to use for SMEs

We’re a credit insights and technology company, and our goal is to make getting small business funding as simple as possible for SMEs in India. That starts with making the entire loan application process digital.

Using CreditEnable’s service, SMEs can check their loan eligibility online, submit their preliminary information and business needs online, and submit all the supporting documents online. This way, you can apply for small business funding from anywhere without the added stress of having to go from one lender to another in the middle of the pandemic.

You focus on what’s important- running your business. We’ll focus on getting you the small business funding you need!

The best part? In addition to being 100% digital, our service is also 100% free to use for SMEs. So, you pay no fees to get a loan using CreditEnable’s technology platform. The only fee charged is by the lender who gives you the small business funding.

6. CreditEnable offers different types of loan products

We offer our SME customers the following business loan products:

  1. Unsecured business loans
  2. Secured business loans
  3. Loans against property
  4. Working capital loans
  5. Business machinery loans
  6. Overdraft facilities
  7. Commercial credit cards

Find out more about the different business loans here.

7. We enable business loans in record time

If you take the traditional lending route, it may take you between 4-6 weeks to get the small business funding you need. We focus on making the SME loan process easy and fast, so you get the required business funding when you need it. 

CreditEnable has helped our SME customers get unsecured business loans in just 2-3 days and secured business loans in 7 days! All you need to do is share all the necessary information and documentation on time, and we do the rest of the work for you!

Start your application today!

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