Daily Tip: Leverage technology to increase your creditworthiness


Small digital interventions like these can improve your customer service and increase the speed and scale of your work! 

Using WhatsApp Business makes keeping track of orders easier for you, and providing your customers multiple payment options (GooglePay, PayTM, PhonePe, Credit, Debit and Cash) makes doing business with you easier for them. 

With festival season right around the corner, technology can help improve your work and help you serve more customers faster. 

When you apply for a small business loan, lenders like to see small businesses adapting quickly to changing circumstances. So, using different tech interventions in your business shows lenders you’re willing to keep up with changing customer behaviour. This improves your chances of being approved for a business loan when you apply! Using technology also generates rich data about your business practices and cash flows that lenders can then use to assess your creditworthiness.

Read about how else you can leverage technology to improve your business and creditworthiness to lenders.

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