Daily Tip: Use your cash flow forecast to predict when your cash inflow may be less

CreditEnable_Cash flow

A cash flow forecast helps you determine how your business will perform in the future. 

If you don’t already have one ready, start putting one together for your small business or work with your CA to prepare it together.

Your cash flow forecast considers all your inflows and outflows to determine how much money you have to spend right now, and based on past performance, what your finances will look like in the near future. 

You can use these insights to predict when your business may experience a low cash period, letting you know in advance when you may need to put extra money into your business. The forecast will also help predict when you may have some extra income to save or invest in the business! 

Learn more about cash flow forecasts. 

Based on your forecast, if you find that you need some extra cash to help you during an upcoming low cash inflow period, CreditEnable can help you find the right business loan for your business needs. 

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