Daily Tip: Your business vintage can make or break your chances of getting a small business loan


Your business vintage is an important factor for lenders when they’re making their lending decision.

Lenders use your business vintage (how long your business has been operational and registered) as a proxy for how sound your business plan is. It helps them assess whether you will have the financial ability to repay your loan EMIs on time if they give you a small business loan.

Your business registration also plays a key role in your business vintage because lenders need legal proof of business registration to verify your business vintage!

At CreditEnable, we partner with over 25 lenders, and we’ve helped SMEs across India easily access small business loans. Our lender partners prefer lending to small businesses that have a business vintage of at least 2 years.

Find out why your business vintage (and legal registration) is significant when applying for a business loan.

If your business vintage is 2 years or more and you need a small business loan, apply with CreditEnable.

If you’re unsure about your business vintage or don’t know what document to use as legal proof of registration, we’re here to help.

Start by telling us a little about your business, and we’ll check your loan eligibility and what documents you will need for free. Once we understand your business and its requirements, we’ll support you through the business loan process so that you get the loan hassle-free.

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