Daily Tip: Know what influences your credit score to strategically improve it

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Do you know what factors influence your credit score? 

Credit bureaus like CIBIL and Experian use factors such as your industry, repayment history, your businesses capacity to repay a loan, among other things, to determine your credit score. 

Once your credit score has is calculated, lenders use it as a proxy for your creditworthiness, using it to make their lending decisions. So, while your credit score and report are just two factors lenders use in their risk assessment, they are significant. That is why every SME should have an understanding of how their score is calculated.

Find out what other factors play a role here. 

The first step to improving your score is understanding it. So, if you’re planning on applying for an SME business loan but you’re unsure whether you qualify for a business loan right now, it’s always best to check your score before applying so that your application is not rejected outright. 

When you apply for a business loan using CreditEnable’s technology platform, we first check your business loan eligibility by doing a soft pull of your Experian credit score for free. If you are eligible at the moment, we match you with one of our lender partners who best matches your business loan needs!

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