CreditEnable SME Contest: Rules and Frequently Asked Questions

CreditEnable_SME Contest

What is the CreditEnable SME contest?

From 4-10 October 2021, CreditEnable is celebrating SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)!

We’re asking you to recognize the SMEs that you support and those who have positively impacted your life this year by tagging them in our Facebook post and enter for a chance to win a Flipkart gift voucher worth Rs. 500!

Why are we celebrating small businesses?

There are 63 million SMEs in India. Throughout the pandemic, no matter the day, the health advisory, or risk involved, small businesses across India opened their doors to us.

SMEs have gone above and beyond to help us in 2020 and 2021, and going into the festival season this year, CreditEnable wanted to give you the opportunity to acknowledge all they do for us and say, ‘thank you’.

At CreditEnable, our mission is to celebrate hardworking SMEs 365 days of the year. We help them find the right business loans easily so that they can continue to grow and be there for us. We wanted to give you an exclusive week to celebrate them before we step into one of the busiest commercial seasons in India.

Which SMEs can I tag?

We encourage you to tag:

  1. Any SMEs or business owners you support
  2. Any SMEs or business owners who have had a positive impact on you this year

For example, if your local pharmacy helped you get critical medicine during the last COVID-19 wave, tag them, and say thank you so that they know their work is recognized!

Who can participate in the CreditEnable SME Contest?

Anyone who has a Facebook account and follows our Facebook page: CreditEnable India.

What are the contest rules / how do I win?

Anyone can win if you complete all the following steps:

  1. Follow CreditEnable India Page
  2. Like the master contest post pinned to our Page
  3. In the comments of the pinned post, tag small businesses (and business owners)
  4. Share the pinned post to your Facebook profile

Why should I participate?

You can be 1 of 25 lucky ones to win an INR 500 Flipkart gift voucher!

How long does the CreditEnable SME Contest go on for?

The contest starts on 4 October 2021 and ends on 10 October 2021, at 11:59 PM (IST).

How many entries am I allowed?

Every participant is allowed 1 (one) entry to the contest.

So, 1 comment with 20 tags = 1 entry. And 20 comments from the same participant with 1 tag each = 1 entry.

How many SMEs can I tag?

You may tag as many SMEs or business owners as you like!

How will the winners be selected?

At the end of the contest, Team CreditEnable will do a draw to pick 25 winners from the participants at random.

Can I win more than 1 gift voucher?

No, each participant, regardless of how many SMEs you tag, will only be eligible to win 1 gift voucher worth Rs. 500.

What are the CreditEnable SME Contest Terms and Conditions?

You can read the full contest Terms and Conditions here.

When will the winners be announced?

At the end of the contest, the 25 winners will be contacted individually via Facebook. Once we have all our winners, we will release a full list on our Facebook Page and Website.

Read the Contest Terms and Conditions for more information on this.