Daily Tip: Our top advice to women entrepreneurs applying for SME financing

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Running your own business is a big responsibility, and the pandemic hasn’t made it easy. But a true entrepreneur would see the opportunities amongst all the challenges and create something innovative, no matter the circumstances! 

Many Indian women entrepreneurs have used this opportunity to transform innovative ideas into sustainable revenue-generating businesses, and now you may be looking to grow your business! 

We know it is already tricky for SMEs to get formal loans in India. That’s why we started CreditEnable. But did you know it is more difficult for women-owned SMEs to get formal funding in India? That’s why 79% of all the women-owned and led businesses in India continue to be self-financed!

At CreditEnable, we want to see all our SME customers succeed. So, we put together some tips for women entrepreneurs to help them prepare for an SME loan. Following these tips, we hope you will feel more confident and prepared when interacting with a formal lender. Some of our top advice is:

  • Know your business inside-out.
  • Prepare a practical and comprehensive business plan.
  • Have your business financials and registrations ready before applying.

See more tips here. 

Once you’re ready to apply for SME financing, CreditEnable is here to match your needs with the right SME loan product and lender. 

Check your eligibility today. 

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