How To: Download my GST Certificate to give to a lender when I apply for an SME loan

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If you’re a small business with a GST registration, you need to submit your GST registration certificate along with your loan application when you apply for an SME loan.

Your GST certificate is an important document that you are mandated to display in a prominent location at your place of business, according to the CGST Act. This is the same registration certificate that you must share with your lender when applying for an SME loan.

Does my small business need a GST registration?

How do I download my GST registration certificate online?

To download your GST registration certificate, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Go to the GST portal at
Step 2: Click on the “Login” option on the top right-hand corner of your screen.
Step 3: Insert your Username and Password and click on “Login”.
Step 4: From the menu bar on the top of your screen, select the “Services” option and then “User Services” from the drop-down menu.
Step 5: Now click on the “View/Download Certificate” option, and a screen will appear with your Certificate file.
Step 6: Click on the “Download” icon for your desired GST certificate.

Your 3-page GST registration certificate has now been downloaded to the computer you are using. You can print it to display at your business or give your lender a hard copy when you apply for an SME loan. You can also share the complete document with the lender electronically to process your application faster.

When digitally sharing your registration certificate with the lender along with your SME loan application, remember to share all 3 pages of the document (the main page that has information about your business, Appendix A and Appendix B) as a single digital file.

Why is my GST certificate required when I apply for an SME loan?

If your business falls above the GST threshold set by the government, you are required to have a GST registration. 

When an SME that is mandated by law to have a GST registration applies for an SME loan, your GST certificate is required to meet the loan eligibility criteria. Your registration certificate lets lenders know you respect and fulfil your legal and tax responsibilities.

Lenders also use your GST registration certificate as your legal proof of business vintage. Your business vintage refers to how long your business has been operational and registered for.

When applying for an SME loan, most lenders prefer to lend to small businesses having a vintage of at least 2 years or more. So, leaders use your GST certificate (which has a clear date on it) to verify your business vintage. An SME with a higher business vintage is more likely to be approved for an SME loan of a large value, with preferential loan terms and conditions.

Learn more about business vintage here.

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