Daily Tip: Check your SME loan eligibility before applying for the loan

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If you’re thinking about getting an SME loan, it’s always better to check your business loan eligibility before applying.

When you directly apply with the lender, they do a hard pull of your bureau report to check your eligibility. If you don’t meet their loan eligibility criteria, your application will get rejected, and your credit score will take a hit.

Instead, apply with CreditEnable! Our credit experts have years of experience in SME lending and a thorough understanding of what lenders look for in a creditworthy SME.

When you apply for an SME loan using our service, we first check your loan eligibility FOR FREE, which has zero impact on your bureau report because we only do a soft pull of your report.

What is a soft pull of my credit report?

If you’re eligible, we’ll match you with our lender partners who are most likely to approve your loan application. This way, you get a hassle-free SME loan, saving you time and stress, and you maintain a good credit score.

Start your SME loan application with CreditEnable today!

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