Daily Tip: Strategically decide what SME loan interest rate works for you

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How thoroughly do you consider the interest rate when getting an SME loan? 

Every business owner wants to get a low ROI, and CreditEnable is here to help you get just that!

But when you apply for an SME loan, how do you determine what ROI your cash inflow will actually be able to cope with?

Here’s our easy guide to help you strategically think about your SME loan interest rate so that when you’re considering your loan terms, you’re prepared to negotiate with the lender for an interest rate your business will be able to afford.

The ROI lenders offer you is based on multiple factors, including your business finances, past repayment history, bureau report, credit score, and your sector. 

At CreditEnable, we help our SME customers get business loans starting at 14% interest rate. We can also help you find the best SME loan for your needs. Get started today!

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