How is CreditEnable different from other financial marketplaces?

financial marketplaces

Using technology in every sphere of our lives is becoming the norm now. Need some groceries delivered to your home? There’s an app for it. Need a ride? There’s an app for it. Want to buy some clothes? You know it – there’s an app for it! Technology is also creeping into consumer-facing financial services. Banks and NBFCs have always used some level of tech to serve you, but now it’s easier than ever before for you to access your finances yourself.

Given this deeper penetration of technology in our daily lives, you must have heard (or used) a marketplace at one point or another to access something. Read on to find out what financial marketplaces are and why CreditEnable’s technology platform is different from other such platforms.

What is a financial services marketplace?

Imagine going to a bazaar. There’s a bunch of vendors all trying to get your attention to sell you their wares. Now imagine opening a bank account. Convention dictates you shop around first to identify which banker offers you the best deal and terms. So, you spend your days going from one bank to another to learn about their products, read through their entire website to understand the account details, and then finally decide which one to go with.

A financial services marketplace saves you some of that hassle. Combine your local bazaar with shopping around for a financial service, add technology to the mix, and bam! You have a financial services marketplace.

In a financial services marketplace, you can fill in your requirements, and then the tech does its magic and churns out a few products that it thinks you should consider given your needs. This way, you’re narrowing the scope of your research, and you’ll save some time and energy since you won’t have to visit all the banks anymore. But here’s the catch – you’ll still have to spend the time doing research to make your final decision of which banker to go with.

Is CreditEnable a financial marketplace?

CreditEnable is more than a financial marketplace.

We are a technology platform that helps you access an affordable business loan easily when you need it. We partner with over 25 leading lenders in India, who offer more than 100 specialized SME loan products to our customers. When you use our technology platforms to apply for a business loan, we first understand your business loan requirements, then our award-winning algorithms directly match you with the lender and business loan product that perfectly meets your needs! And the best part, our service is 100% free to use for SMEs!

We’ve completely eliminated the need for you to compare and research SME loan products because we match you with the best product for your needs. So, we save you so much time and stress. And since you’re applying for a business loan that you’re actually eligible for, you have a higher chance of getting the loan a lot faster than if you took the conventional route to apply for a business loan. We’ll even support you throughout the loan underwriting process so that you can get the best terms possible for your loan.

Why should I use CreditEnable to apply for a business loan?

CreditEnable partners with 25+ lenders in India, including ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra, Bajaj Finserv, and Tata Capital. Our lender partners offer over 100 SME loan products on our technology platform. We enable SME loans ranging from Rs. 1L – 5Cr, and offer you access to a variety of business loan products, including secured and unsecured business loans.

But what truly sets Creditenable apart from other financial marketplaces is our ability to directly match you with the one lender best suited for your funding needs. With CreditEnable, just submitting one application checks your eligibility for a loan from all 25+ of our lender partners, and we match you with the lender and the product that best suits your funding needs! We’ve eliminated the time and effort you spend shopping around (both in-person and digitally) – no more doing research, comparing products and ROIs, and fretting about whether you’re getting a good deal.

Once we match you with a lender, our team of Credit Experts will support you throughout the loan negotiation and disbursal process. We’ll provide you with helpful advice and tips to ensure you get the best possible business loan terms for your business. All for free!

It used to take small businesses 4-6 weeks to get a business loan, but using our award-winning technology, we’re able to get eligible SMEs Unsecured Business Loans in just 2-3 days* and Secured Business Loans in just 7 days*!

Check your business loan eligibility on CreditEnable today!

Business Loans. Enabled Simply.

*This TAT is dependent on when we receive your completed application, including your business loan documents so that we can assess and send your application to the lender for loan sanction and disbursal.