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Referral Partner FAQs

CreditEnable is a global multi award-winning financial technology company. We are based in London, United Kingdom and are entirely focused on using technology and AI to build solutions to the world’s biggest financial challenges.

Our vision is a world in which every SME gets access to affordable credit to grow when they need it.

In India, we operate the largest managed marketplace for SME credit and every day help thousands of SMEs secure affordable finance. Our technology and analytics are trusted by more than 25 leading lenders, including ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Bajaj Finserve, Deutsche Bank and DBS, among others, all of which choose us to help them grow their SME loan books quickly and more profitably.

  1. We Get Your Clients Better, Quicker Results.

We have a state of the art technology platform that allows us to algorithmically assess a borrower’s loan eligibility, and match that borrower to the right lender who will be able to offer them the best interest rate, maximum amount, and quickest turn-around-time on their loan.

Since our algorithms are lender-validated by all the 25 major banks and NBFCs that we work with, our lender partners have confidence that the borrowers we bring forward are high quality. This means that our lender partners are quick to log our borrowers into their systems, which means that our approval rates are the highest in the market. Working with us means less work for you, less shopping around, and better results for you and your clients.

  1. You don’t have to pay us and neither do your clients. In fact, we share our fees with you.

Unlike DSA aggregators we don’t charge you onboarding fees. We also never charge your client arranging fees.

To get more information about commission structure for partners talk to us via email on or call us on +91 8433973624.

Speedy Answers.

Before we ever take your client to a partner lender of ours, we run our own eligibility assessment on the borrower using our lender-validated algorithms. If your client isn’t a fit for any of our lenders, we will let you know this within one working day of receiving a complete file*, and we won’t take them forward so there will be no negative impact on their credit score. If your client is a fit, we will let you know this within one working day of receiving a complete file*, and then we do all the work to get your client the loan.

Our results speak for themselves. We can normally ensure disbursals of unsecured loans up to 75 lakhs in a few days and secured loan of up to 5 Crores in under 10 days.

Read more about this from some of our happy referral partners:

*When you sign up as a partner we will outline the criteria for a complete file.

Speedy Payouts.

Since we get loans disbursed quickly, we get paid quickly by our lender partners which also means we can share revenue with you quickly. On average, we normally pay commissions 30 days from the end of the month when disbursement has happened, so if disbursed on 10th September, you will receive payout by 30th October.

More Options for Your Clients. Less Work for You.  

We save you from having to shop around your clients with multiple lenders, and we do all the follow up with the lender for you once the loan is place.  Because we maintain an institutional relationship with all our lender partners, rather than a relationship with a particular branch or RM, we are able to help your clients avail of more than 100 SME loan products. This means that the chances of your client getting a loan is higher.

After every borrower for whom you’ve provided complete file gets their loan disbursed, you are eligible to receive a pay-out. This pay-out will be discussed with you while signing up for the referral partner program. CreditEnable will also pay you a fee if your clients come back to us for further funding. We have the technology to allow us to track this – we use unique codes for partner and clients which allow us to track and trace you to your leads, real-time. We can share our attractive commission structure with you.

We look for bright, motivated self-starters with a growing network of clients that need business loans. They should have good understanding of financial documents, business loan terminology and should be customer centric. Other criteria we take into account are your past experience, geographical service locations, type of loan products handled in the past, and disbursal / conversion success rate.

Our onboarding process is quite simple. Once you share the documents we require to onboard our partners, such as your KYC documents and 2 x business references, we are normally able to onboard you within 24 hours, provided all your required documents are in order. More info here: 

We cannot arrange financing for borrowers who are in default on their current loan repayments, who have defaulted on their current loan obligations.

We cannot arrange financing for NPA loans or restructuring of distressed businesses.

Most of our lender partners don’t provide loans to start-up businesses. This is because businesses that are less than 3 years old typically won’t have a proven business model, which makes it difficult for a lender to understand the risk involved with lending to them.

However, if your client has an existing business that’s more than 3 years old with a good track record and they are now looking to open a new branch or to diversify into a new business line, we may be able to help.

We do also have a small number of partner lenders that accept a minimum business vintage of 1 year.

If you client falls into either of the two categories above, get in touch with us via email at or phone on +91 8433973624 and we will let you know if we can help.

We can help your clients avail of more than 100 specialised loan products from more than 25 leading lenders. The loan types we can help your clients with include: working capital loans; secured term loans; machinery loans; loans against property (LAP); secured business loans; OD; invoice finance; import finance and export finance. We work with lenders who can offer loans of 1 lakh up to 15 crores.

We are able to secure the best interest rates in the market for your clients.  For secured loans we can get the interest rate starting at 14% depending on the security that your client can pledge.

For unsecured loans, we can get the interest rate down to as low as 14% depending on the credit quality of your customer.

Before we take your client to one of our lender partners, we run our own eligibility assessment on them using our lender validated algorithms, we also do a soft pull of their credit report.  In the event that we reject your client at this stage, there is no impact on their credit score because they have not formally made an application to a lender. We will provide you and your client with the specific reason we have rejected them, along with actionable information about what the borrower can do to improve their credit profile so that they can increase their chances of securing debt in the future.

CreditEnable is a managed marketplace for SME credit. We are engaged by lenders to intermediate between them and prospective borrowers. This means that we collect the borrowers KYC and financial documents on behalf of the lender and package the borrower’s application. We maintain the strictest security over all borrower data and their information is always kept confidential. To read more about how we use and protect data please read our Privacy Policy here:

We have agreed on a list of acceptable documents with all our lender partners. These are the minimum requirements, and unless the documents accompany the loan application our lender partners cannot log the case into their system or process the loan.

CIBIL is a credit bureau which creates credit scores based on repayment track record and amount of debt. These scores are shared with lenders whenever a borrower makes an application for debt. CreditEnable is not a credit bureau. We run a managed marketplace. We run algorithmic assessments of a borrower’s ability to repay a loan as part of our process, so that we can determine a borrower’s financial strength and the likelihood of approval. We do not report our findings to any credit bureau, so our analysis has no impact on the borrower’s credit score.

If we haven’t answered all your questions already, send us an email on or call us on +91 8433973624 and we will do our best to answer any other questions you may have.