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starsCOVID-19 Resources

Small businesses, without a doubt, are the backbone of the global economy. They create economic opportunity, providing jobs to about 70 percent of all employable people, and support local communities.

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic affects the world, SMEs need to build resilience to come out of this episode stronger than before. To help SMEs navigate this extraordinary episode, CreditEnable, has put together this simple repository of small business essentials. We hope that these can serve as important response tools for you, as SME owners, to handle the ongoing crisis with more confidence and optimism.

Top Tips: 10 Ways You Can Prep Your Business for Unlock

Are you ready for unlock? We know we are! If you’re like our CreditEnable Team, you are probably itching to go back to working from your office. If you’re a shop owner, you’re probably ready to go back to working out of your shop, engaging with your employees and customers face-to-face, and seeing that steady…

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Keeping Your Business in Good Health During COVID-19: Part 4

With COVID regulations changing every day, you never know when you’ll be under another lockdown, when the cost of your inventory will rise, or when there will be an emergency that will require cash ASAP. To ensure your business can run with the least amount of interruption, you need to build a safety net into…

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 Keeping Your Business in Good Health During COVID-19: Part 3

It seems like life is at a standstill in India right now. We can’t leave our homes, we’re unable to work normally, and we have to take so many precautions before interacting with anyone. But even though we are back in lockdown, that does not mean your business is at a standstill. You still have…

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Keeping Your Business in Good Health During COVID-19: Part 2

More states and cities are announcing lockdowns every day right now. All of this is to ensure that you, your families, and your employees stay safe and healthy during this surge in COVID cases in India. But what about your business? Are you doing everything you can to ensure your business financials are healthy enough…

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Keeping Your Business in Good Health During COVID-19: Part 1

With India in the midst of a second COVID-19 wave and rolling state and city lockdowns, your day-to-day as a business owner couldn’t have gotten any harder! Keeping your accounts in order and getting yourself ready to file taxes is probably not top-of-mind right now. Here’s why keeping on top of these things even in…

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Cash Flow Forecasting: Why It Matters During a Lockdown, How to Do It, and Why Your Cash Flow Matters When You Apply For A Business Loan.

A key aspect that determines the financial health of your business is how well you understand and manage your cash flow – how much money is flowing in and out of your business at any given time. This might seem obvious. You generally know how much money is coming into the business, but are you on top of how quickly or slowly you…

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Tips on How to Ensure Employee Safety When Restarting Business

As the world is making peace with functioning amidst a global pandemic, economies are gradually opening up for business. However, despite the resumed activity, companies must still exercise caution with regard to employee safety. When reopening offices and factories, there need to be clear guidelines on how they intend to put the safety of their…

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