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starsGo Digital

A business that has an online presence and a robust digital system will reach more customers and have better growth opportunities. At present, only one-third of SMEs are online.

Given that India has the world’s second-largest internet user-base, with over 500 million people active online, going digital can be the answer for many SMEs. Following the COVID pandemic, and as social distancing becomes the norm, utilising technology and digitization will be an essential survival tactic for SMEs. From digital marketing tools to cloud-based billing solutions, digital payments, and online borrowing, almost all businesses will need to use the internet to improve their operations.

If you want to take your business online but are unsure about how to proceed, we have put together a starter pack to guide you through the process.

Facebook for Business.

One of the best online platforms to make an impression on customers is Facebook. Every SME should consider having a Facebook presence for their virtual existence. The social networking platform has 1.66 billion users every day and 2.5 billion people log in every month! What better way to network and establish lasting relationships? Facebook has…

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Getting the Most Out of Google.

Everyone knows Google. The search engine is not just an integral part of personal and professional lives, but its importance is such that the noun is now an accepted verb! How many times have you heard, “Just Google it?” Every day, Google records roughly 3.5 billion searches. For SMEs, being on Google can improve visibility,…

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