How To: Download Your Bank Account e-Statements Online


You’ve submitted your business loan application with CreditEnable, and you pass our eligibility check! Congratulations!

The next step to sending your complete application package to the lender is submitting your supporting KYC and business documents so that we can fully understand and analyse your application to negotiate better terms for your business loan!

You can find a full list of documents required accordingly to the type of business you own and the business loan you are applying for here. Since our application process is 100% online, you will also need digital copies of all the required documents to upload on the CreditEnable Document Portal. Learn how to scan documents here.

Once you have your documents scanned and in order, it’s time to download your account e-Statement PDFs for the last 12 months for all the bank accounts you use for business transactions. Lenders require these bank statements to see how healthy your business cash inflows and outflows are and to also determine whether you maintain a certain minimum balance in your accounts to be able to repay the loan they may give you.

Don’t know how to access your e-Statement PDFs? Let’s learn how you can download them online.

Step 1: Activate Net Banking

The first thing you need to do to access your bank account e-Statements is activating your Net Banking profile. This can be easily done online for most lenders in India using the phone number registered with the account and the information mentioned on the first page of your Passbook.

Below are steps to activate your net banking with some major Indian lenders.

  1. How to activate SBI Corporate net banking online
  2. How to activate HDFC SME digital banking online:
    1. Visit
    2. Click on the “Login” option on the right
    3. Select the “SME Digital” option and click on “Login”
    4. A new window will open to allow access to your account. Select the “New Customer” option
    5. Enter the required information and the Captcha and click on “Submit”
  3. How to register for ICICI Bank Corporate Internet Banking
  4. How to activate AXIS Bank Corporate Internet Banking
  5. Learn more about Corporate Internet Banking with your Kotak Mahindra Corporate account


Step 2: Request Your e-Statements Online

Once you’ve activated your net banking profile, you will be able to access and download your e-Statements anytime.

  1. How to download Corporate bank account e-Statement from SBI online
  2. How to get your bank account e-Statements from HDFC net banking via email
  3. How to download Corporate bank account e-Statements from ICICI Bank online
  4. How to download business bank account e-Statements from AXIS Bank online
  5. Request your bank account e-Statements from Kotak Mahindra Bank online

If you bank with any other bank, simply google “how to register for net banking with <your bank name>” and “how to download account e-Statements from <your bank name>” and you will find instructions specific to your bank’s procedures.

Once you have your Individual and Business KYC documents and other business documents scanned and your bank account e-Statement PDFs downloaded, you are ready to upload your documents to the CreditEnable Document Portal! We’ve made the document upload process extremely simple. You can follow the steps here to upload your documents and complete your application!


Step 3: Upload them to the CreditEnable Documents Portal

Now let’s take you back to the CreditEnable Document Portal so that you may upload all your documents and complete your application!


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