Why Should I Submit My Business Loan Documents Online?


You’ve checked your business loan eligibility with CreditEnable, and you’ve passed our check. Congratulations! You’re about to join thousands of other SMEs who have got 100% digital business loans with CreditEnable!

Now it’s time to share your documents with us so we can complete your application assessment and match you with an SME loan product and lender who will match your needs, and you may be wondering why you need to submit your documents online.

Let’s discuss why sharing your documents online? makes the loan process more convenient and secure for you!

1. Get your loan faster

Our entire loan process, from start to finish, is digital. This is because we use computer algorithms to analyse your documents and financial history and find the perfect fit for your business needs. Sharing your documents online removes the need for document drop-off or collection, manual scanning, the possibility of human error, and unnecessary delays in the loan approval and disbursal process. We’ve transformed the loan process to be completely digital so that you can get your business finance when you need it.

2. Digital documents make information storage more secure

Submitting your documents online eliminates the possibility of your personal and financial data falling into the wrong hands. The safety of your data is our utmost priority, that’s why we have created a highly secure data submission and storage portal.

We ask for your consent before sharing your documents and information with a third party (like a lender partner), and you can withdraw this consent at any time. In addition to being compliant with all data protection regulations in India, our technology is also compliant with the European Unions’ General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is the gold standard in data protection laws, globally.

Our rigorous data protection architecture won us the Responsible Digital Innovator of the Year award at the SME Finance Forum, managed by the IFC, World Bank Group. You can read more about our data protection and storage policies in our Privacy Policy.

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3. Easy and convenient

By accepting your digital documents, we have not only made it faster for you to get your business loan, but we have also made it more convenient. Adding your KYC and business documents to our Document Portal is as simple as clicking a photo with your smartphone!

Submitting digital documents also reduces the time and effort you would spend making trips to the lender if you forgot a document or need to submit additional ones. Here’s how our documents process works:

  1. You submit your documents.
  2. Our computer algorithms analyse them.
  3. If a document is missing or incorrect, our system will flag it, and one of our Customer Success Associates will contact you for the missing documents.
  4. If you need to renew a document or reupload it to our Documents Portal, they will walk you through the process.
  5. Once we have all your documents, you sit back while we do all the work to get you the business loan! We prepare your complete application package to share with the lender partner you’re matched with.

Learn how to make scanned copies of your documents.

Don’t know how to download your Bank Account e-Statements PDFs from your lenders’ online portal? Here’s a helpful guide.

4. Reduces the need for in-person interactions during the pandemic

We’re in the midst of a health crisis, and you can never be too sure of who you come in contact with. Your health and safety are most important to us. That’s why we have eliminated the need for unnecessary contact with someone you do not know.

Technology has made so many things easier for us since the pandemic started. Businesses now prefer to take digital payments or bank transfers instead of cash, and you can conduct most of your business online securely. So, it’s time we apply that tech to make your lives easier.

Digitally submitting your documents eliminates the need for you to leave the safety of your home or office and interact with strangers, putting your health at needless risk.

5. It’s eco-friendly

Finally, digital documents allow you (and us) to be eco-friendly! You don’t need to make physical copies of your documents, which you will then drive to a lender to submit.

The lender may then still need to make a scanned copy of that document to store with your loan application digitally. And in case something is missing, you will need to make yet another trip to the lender to submit it.

So, digital documents help you (and us) reduce our carbon footprint while also consuming less paper. They also allow us to do most of our work online, reducing the amount of physical paperwork we generate.


Now that you know all the benefits of digitally submitting your business loan documents, let’s get those documents uploaded to the CreditEnable Documents Portal and get your business loan in record time!

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